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Radical Green Fares Measures Would Make “Massive Difference” To Greenwich and Lewisham Commuters.

Proposals include abolition of zones and ‘ONE Ticket’ to end extra payments changing from mainline, DLR or bus to Tube. On the day transport fares go up throughout the country, activists from Greenwich and Lewisham Green Parties will today hand out #FairFares postcards to commuters at Overground, DLR and mainline stations across the two boroughs […]

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Divestment in Greenwich – Green Electoral Gambit?

Yesterday the Labour candidate in the forthcoming Greenwich West by-election announced he had brokered a meeting between Divest Greenwich, which is campaigning for the Labour-controlled Royal Borough of Greenwich to withdraw its investments in fossil fuels, and council leader Denise Hyland. Greenwich Green Party warmly welcomes any change of attitude on this issue. It follows […]

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Matt Pennycook Supports Pro-Fracking Labour Policy

Labour candidate Matt Pennycook supports his party’s pro-fracking position, and thinks we can frack our way to a low-carbon future. Here’s why he’s wrong.  Matt Pennycook’s election pamphlet recently dropped onto our doormats.  He tells us that Labour will try and decarbonise our energy supply.  Great!  But wait a minute.  The last we heard, Labour were […]

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