Local Elections 2022

Our Candidates

Organised by wards A-Z. Not sure which ward you’re in? Check at Greenwich Council or Bexley Council.

Table of contents

  • Abbey Wood | James Brandon
  • Abbey Wood | Aruhan Galieva
  • Abbey Wood | Roberto Mirabella
  • Blackheath Westcombe | Philip Malivoire
  • Blackheath Westcombe | Victoria Rance
  • Blackheath Westcombe | George Edgar
  • Charlton Village and Riverside | Clare Loops
  • Charlton Village and Riverside | Philip Connolly
  • Charlton Hornfair | Cole Pemberton
  • Charlton Hornfair | Ann Brown
  • East Greenwich | Stacy Smith
  • East Greenwich | Karin Tearle
  • East Greenwich | Matt Browne
  • Eltham Town and Avery Hill | Mark Williams
  • Eltham Page | Matt Stratford
  • Eltham Park and Progress | Luke Hawkins
  • Greenwich Creekside | Sem Longhurst
  • Greenwich Park | Hayley Jeffery
  • Greenwich Park | Mike Sixsmith
  • Greenwich Peninsula | John Holmes
  • Greenwich Peninsula | Roger Bailey
  • Greenwich Peninsula | Laura Jane Sessions
  • Kidbrooke Park | Alex Pemberton
  • Kidbrooke Village and Sutcliffe | Fiona Moore
  • Middle Park and Horn Park | Pierre Davies
  • Plumstead Common | Leonie Barron
  • Plumstead Common | Anji Petersen
  • Plumstead and Glyndon | Ben Oram
  • Plumstead and Glyndon | Duncan Platt
  • Shooters Hill | Tamasin Keeper
  • Thamesmead Moorings | Julie Adams
  • Woolwich Arsenal | Lindsay Evernden
  • Belvedere | Sarah Barry
  • Falconwood and Welling | Elisabeth Radbon


Abbey Wood | James Brandon

I grew up in London and have lived in Abbey Wood since 2016.

I am passionate about improving the lives of local residents in Abbey Wood and ensuring that their voices are heard at council level.

I am standing for the Green Party because it is the only party with a strong vision for improving public transport, tackling air pollution and congestion, providing warm and sustainable housing, and ensuring access to clean air and green spaces for all.

Abbey Wood | Aruhan Galieva

I have lived in Abbey Wood since 2019. I am a Theatre and Film-Maker, Musical Comedian and Intersectional Environmentalist (catchy right?).

In 2021, I won the Watering Seeds Bursary award for BAME Activists working on peaceful climate action projects. I want to use comedy as a trojan horse to impart important environmental information and issues. The environmental and conservation sectors are one of the least inclusive and accessible spaces. My ambition is to communicate local issues in a way that is easily digestible and accessible for all, especially since environmental issues such as air pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change statistically stands to affect more BAME/POC communities and people from poorer socio-economic backgrounds.

I am particularly active in the STOP HS2 trainline campaign, and I am an avid campaigner and advocate for the protection of our Ancient Woodland and precious UK Biodiversity. In particular, I have an absolute adoration for bats! This love has definitely been inspired by Abbey Wood and Lenses Abbey. I am currently in collaboration with the Bat Conservation Trust, helping and welcoming more diverse communities to the world of Bats! I would be thrilled if you might want to join me in an Abbey Wood Bat Walk this spring!?

I am inspired to stand for the Greens because I want to see a Green Party that is actively Anti-Racist, that actively supports our Trans Community and the LGBTQIAP+ Community, and actively supports our Deaf and Disabled communities. I have long been an advocate for celebrating individual action, and doing the best you can – however the issues we face all intersect, they are all connected and they stem from a larger systemic issue. This is why the Green Party matters, we need to come together as a collective to enact the urgent changes we need.

Abbey Wood | Roberto Mirabella

Roberto Mirabella

“Hello. I have been a resident of Abbey Wood since 2018 and my passions are serving the community and running / jogging through nature, including our precious Lesnes Woods.

I am a chartered structural engineer with experience in buildings with all sorts of materials but more importantly with a conscious bias for timber and natural materials.

I will be a father soon this year and like many I am concerned about climate change and frustrated by inaction at a national level. If you too are worried by pollution, nonsensical destruction of our planet and livelihoods then please vote me as your representative of the Green Party.

By supporting me you can count on my love for peace, nature and sustainable development and be represented by a voice professionally trained to reason and mitigate risks through design.”

Blackheath Westcombe | Philip Malivoire

I moved to Greenwich in 1993, months before the birth of our first child and all three of our children enjoyed their time at Halstow primary school. I’m a self-employed market researcher and locally I volunteer with The Felix Project (also known as FareShare) in Deptford and with the Greenwich & Docklands International Festival. I’m a keen cyclist and can often be seen cycling up and down the hills of Westcombe Park trying to get fit.

My priority would be to support measures to resolve transport issues across Greenwich. There must be a coherent strategy that works to reduce motor car traffic while satisfing the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, public transport, businesses and essential vehicle users across both East and West Greenwich. Such measures must be underpinned by a full consultation of all affected parties. I will continue to support the campaign to cancel the Silvertown Tunnel.

Blackheath Westcombe | Victoria Rance

Artist, teacher, clean air, climate, and biodiversity campaigner, I have been a Greenwich resident for over thirty years. I am the campaign officer for Greenwich Green Party and stood as Greenwich and Woolwich parliamentary candidate in 2019. My three children went to local schools all negatively affected by air pollution, and I was instrumental in starting the successful No Cruise Terminal campaign, and founded the cross party Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition for which I have worked every day for three years.

A supporter of the Green New Deal, I believe it is absolutely vital to work across all parties to urgently address the climate crisis. Locally we can do this by promoting local renewable energy and energy efficiency schemes, which helps alleviate fuel poverty; supporting measures to reduce motor car traffic across the borough and improve infrastructure which makes walking and cycling safer and more attractive; and supporting small businesses and promoting shop local campaigns in the ward. We also must address resilience to flooding and take care of our precious biodiversity on the heath and in our remaining green spaces.

As an artist I have worked and taught extensively in the community, and led projects at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich, Greenwich Heritage Centre and local schools.

Blackheath Westcombe | George Edgar

I’ve lived in the Westcombe Park area since 1995 and my children went to school and grew up here.

I’ve recently retired from the civil service, where I worked for more than 40 years. I understand how government works, and the need to make public services work for everyone: in education, transport and housing, in waste collection and other services.

I’m standing for election for the Green Party because it puts sustainability at the centre of policy, nationally and locally, and is the only party with a credible approach to the climate crisis. Locally, it has consistently worked for clean air, better public transport, and planning that prioritises the needs of local residents. It is the only party that has consistently opposed the Silvertown Tunnel, which will bring increased congestion and pollution to Greenwich if it goes ahead.

If I’m elected my first priority will be to listen to the concerns of local residents, and make sure they are reflected in the Council’s actions, for a better, greener Greenwich.

Charlton Hornfair | Cole Pemberton

I was born in 2002 and over the last few years I have heard the government and the council make worthy speeches about the climate crisis and carbon emission targets.  And then I despair as measures are passed that will actually increase emissions and accelerate warming – like the Silvertown Tunnel HGV scheme. For the sake of the future of my generation, and those following, we urgently need to do more to reduce carbon emissions. I want to see the council take full responsibility by reducing cars and making immediate efforts to reach its own zero carbon targets. This will also help reduce pollution, as all the schools I went to had pollution which was over World Health Organisation limits. Greenwich is the most polluted borough in SE London.

We need more air monitoring and many more measures to reduce traffic and make streets safer and improve the local cycle network. If elected I would support local renewable energy schemes, food co-ops, local businesses and shops and cargo bike delivery infrastructure. And if we can’t stop it, campaign to prevent the toxic impacts of the Silvertown tunnel – such as shielding residents with tree planting and finding effective ways to lessen the air and noise pollution, and the further congestion of the local feeder roads. And then lead a lobby to turn the tunnel into a dedicated public transport and cycle river crossing.

Charlton Hornfair | Ann Brown

I have lived in Greenwich for over 40 years working initially as a teacher before a career change to work in the NHS. I am retired and many of you will know me through my border terrier Bob, or see me going backwards and forwards to work on my allotment. There are so many important issues that demand our attention today, one of which is the provision of good quality, well maintained council/social homes. Noone should be homeless or live in sub standard housing in our borough.
The provision of early year’s support for families, after school clubs, and the guarantee of at least 1 hot meal a day for all children is vitally important. Reduction of pollution is essential especially around our schools. I would support continued development of safe, segregated cycle lanes and the increased provision of segregated commuter cycle routes between and through other local boroughs towards central London and the City.
I would fight to keep local bus routes and work towards making Greenwich a safe and pleasant place in which to walk and work.

I would be keen to support all community involvement in ‘greening up’ any available areas. There are many local groups already doing just this. Residents could also be encouraged to ‘green up’ their driveways and balconies etc.

I believe that ‘greening up’ would help support local shops and businesses and make them ‘Go To’ places. Imagine the public car park at The Royal Standard surrounded by raised beds planted out with shrubs and bee friendly flowers, and the area immediately in front of the library provided with raised flower beds where children can practice their gardening skills.

The resurrection of the public toilets, manned, would complete the picture, and, I believe, would greatly increase footfall. Multiply these ideas to other areas in Greenwich to support all local shops and businesses.

I also recognise the enormous value of luncheon clubs, sheltered housing, specially adapted housing for people with disabilities, and support for people with learning difficulties and/or, mental health issues. I would be very keen to support art and sports.

So many issues to consider. The key to their success, I believe is good local consultation and the vision to make Greenwich a council that builds communities, supports its residents, encourages minimal car usage, and maximises walking, cycling, public transport, ensures clean,safe streets, supports local shops and businesses, sport and the arts, and thus creates a lively, vibrant borough.

Charlton Village & Riverside | Clare Loops

Hi, I’m Clare Loops and I’m a Green Party candidate for Charlton Village and Riverside ward.

I’ve lived in Charlton for close to 25 years. I’ve worked and raised a family here, serving as a parent governor at my children’s primary school, and also the Council’s education scrutiny committee. I am also the current chair of Charlton Neighbourhood Forum.

What I’m for is sustainable development of the place we live in, but done in a democratic way. We need transparent decision making – people who live and work here deserve a real say in decisions that affect them. That’s why I’m standing to be a ward councillor. I’ve been working as a strategic planner in local government for the past 18 years, including here in Greenwich. I’m a trained architect and lead a team that specialises in planning policy, sustainability, conservation, and ecology.
Good experience, I’d say, for taking decisions on things that matter to people here, especially around development, the environment and heritage.

And I know how councils work.

My vision for Charlton includes:

  • Addressing air pollution by preparing a strategy to deliver a 45% reduction in car use by 2030
  • Prioritising greening our public spaces and ensuring that they are safe, clean and in good repair
  • Valuing our Village so that is vibrant and a focus for Charlton as a whole
  • Securing new homes that are genuinely affordable and suit the diverse needs of our residents

Charlton is a great network of local communities each with its own character. I love that there are so many residents groups, rightly proud of their areas. And that we come together to celebrate; or to work on issues; and, when we want our voices to be heard by our Council.

Now, as for voting for me – for the Green Party – I think it’s safe to say that Greenwich is a Labour borough and will remain so. However, having Greens on the Council will make a difference. I can bring refreshing independence, and scrutiny – because better is possible.

East Greenwich | Stacy Smith

“I grew up in the United States but I have now lived in Greenwich for 28 years – how time flies!

For the past 14 years I have been running Her Centre, which is a local charity set up to empower women to move away from abusive domestic relationships and to move forward with their lives.

I am keen to see our beautiful borough reduce traffic, car use and the air pollution that this generates to make Greenwich an even better place to live.”

East Greenwich | Karin Tearle

“I’ve lived in Greenwich since 2007. I had a retail business in Greenwich town centre and help run the Aperture Woolwich Photographic Society at Shrewsbury House, Shooters Hill.

I’m the photographer of the guidebook 111 Places in Greenwich That You Shouldn’t Miss.

I’m passionate about reducing traffic and air pollution for the benefit of everyone in the community.

In recent years I have been an active campaigner against the Silvertown Tunnel and continue to fight against the construction of this misguided project that will harm residents in East Greenwich.”

East Greenwich | Matt Browne

“I have lived in Greenwich since 2013. I work for an environmental charity.

I led the Green Party’s mission to Stop the Toxic Cruise Terminal from being constructed when the council said it was impossible.

In 2018, I came a close second in the election race in East Greenwich (then Peninsula ward). I have been holding Greenwich Council to account for many years.

I’m motivated to make this area a great place to live and I’m here to stand up for everyone who lives and works here.”

Eltham Town and Avery Hill | Mark Williams

“I have lived in Eltham for nearly three years and been an active member of the Green Party for six years.

As a keen cyclist, I would like London to take inspiration from bike-friendly cities such as Berlin and Amsterdam. More segregated bike lanes, so less confident cyclists feel safe on the roads would be a good start. Cleaner air for Londoners is also something I am very keen on.

I am journalist/editor and have written about sustainability in the built environment. I strongly believe in the power of a green economy – it can create jobs that are fit for the future and will mean a better quality of life for everyone.

Eltham Page | Matt Stratford

Matt Stratford

“I live in the Eltham Page estate with my wife and two children, who attend Gordon Primary School.

Professionally, I’m a product manager running a search engine within one of the world’s top 100 websites.

I previously stood for election in Eltham West ward and as a prospective parliamentary candidate for Eltham in the 2019 General Election.

I’m motivated to stand for the Greens because we are the only party who recognise that we need to put sustainability and the environment at the heart of our society.

I’m Chair of Greenwich and Bexley Green Party and do my best to ensure that local Green voices are heard.

Greenwich Park | Hayley Jeffery

I’ve lived in Greenwich all my life. For nearly a century my family ran the newsagents in Stockwell Street, near Greenwich Theatre. Whilst working in the shop I got to know the community well, and discovered what was important to it. I am a mum, and I would like my two children to have the freedom and safety that I and my friends had when we were young.

I am a keen gardener and have been involved in greening my street. I have been helping at two local schools to teach children about the environment, to give them hope for the future, and show them that they have the power to change things.

I wish to see

  • Investment in playgrounds and pocket parks and see community-run allotments and gardening schemes flourish. Community spaces enable older residents to pass on valuable horticultural skills to younger generations.
  • More bike storage with priority use and discounts for people living in flats.
  • Affordable local clubs and sports facilities for children within walking distance of their homes.

I know this ward has a strong sense of community – people here care.  Let me be your voice and I promise I will dedicate myself to trying to change things for the better.

Greenwich Park | Mike Sixsmith

I have lived in Greenwich since 1977, in the same house! I’m interested in building efficiency, and how public bodies can encourage individual initiative for economic as well as environmental reasons. My home’s most recent makeover included insulation on external walls (saving heat and reducing gas consumption), passive ventilation (breathing clean air without draughts or mechanical assistance) and rainwater harvesting (making direct use of the water from the sky). After a career in arts and museums, I helped with exhibitions at Woodlands Art Gallery in Mycenae Road. Five years ago I became involved in efforts to reduce traffic, improve road safety and make our air cleaner. The new Greenwich Park ward has an old sense of community, and I would do my very best to represent its interests on the Council.

Greenwich Peninsula | John Holmes

I live in the East Greenwich area and have been an active Green Party member since 2014.

I work as Executive Director of a small theatre company specialising in work with neurodiverse people and people living with dementia.

Before moving to Greenwich I lived in Camden, where I was involved in a successful Green Party campaign to stop the Labour Council using bailiffs to recover Council Tax debts from some of its poorest residents. I stood in the local elections there in 2018.

I am keen to challenge Greenwich Council to ensure that it meets and even improves on affordable housing commitments in new developments on the Peninsula, such as at Morden Wharf.

Greenwich Peninsula | Laura Jane Sessions

I am a makeup artist in the creative industries and have lived in East Greenwich for 13 years.

We are in the midst of a climate crisis and need to take action urgently. I love Greenwich and wish to see meaningful change in the area, improving the quality of life of residents.

Passionate about our beautiful green spaces, I wish to protect and promote the biodiversity of the area. Ensuring our parks and open spaces are havens for wildlife whilst being hubs for local communities and visitors young and old, to relax and play.

With so many new developments on the Peninsula, we need to encourage sustainable building practices whilst ensuring investment in and commitment to affordable housing.

We need to improve air quality and reducing pollution is paramount. In an area which is so reliant on and affected by car usage, we need to encourage active travel, improving the current infrastructure and making the area safe and accessible for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Kidbrooke Park | Alex Pemberton

I grew up in this ward and came back to Greenwich to live very close by in the the 90s. I am an artist and teacher of English to refugees and migrants. I have worked in adult and further education for over thirty years. My youngest went to the same primary school as me (Invicta). I am really attached to the legacy and culture of this area which is why I am standing as a Green Party candidate – to support and maintain the world I grew up in and protect it from over development and profiteering.

I have been at council meetings over the last 4 years and witnessed the legacy of a one party borough. It’s high time we had Green representation. In Greenwich as in Westminster there is talk of environmental policies, declarations of a ‘climate emergency’ but what we actually get is more of the same. With Hervey Fields we saw public land handed over to a private concern which sanitised the site, purged it of the wildlife, monetised it with priority given to clubs and private schools.

As a councillor, apart from firmly resisting over-development – even the Ferrier estate started as utopian. I would push RBG to reduce traffic, invest in green jobs and local renewable energy co-ops, extend the cycling network and better support local shops and businesses. It is also important to help fund the insulation and retrofitting of homes. I would also campaign to get maximum mitigation for the future impact of the Silvertown tunnel which will be massive – we need tree planting and mitigation against noise pollution.

Kidbrooke Village & Sutcliffe | Fiona Moore

Hello – I am a climate campaigner, writer and editor who has lived in Blackheath most of the last 30 years. For the last three I have been campaigning with the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition and Extinction Rebellion.

The 4-lane Silvertown Tunnel will take bigger HGVs than Blackwall and push more congestion past homes and schools. Kidbrooke will be affected. Research in Greenwich and nearby boroughs by Kings College London shows the lungs of children aged 8-9 who breathe polluted air are approximately 5% smaller than they should be.

Instead, let’s have a network of low traffic zones throughout the borough. And a range of actions to encourage cycling, walking, cargo bikes and public transport: e.g. extension of London’s bike hire, DLR to Eltham and Thamesmead, a cycle/ pedestrian bridge at the Thames Barrier, good public transport links to the new Elizabeth Line.

Climate crisis and air pollution, global and local, need addressing urgently in a Green New Deal. At global level I see how climate change already affects subsistence communities in semi-arid Africa (through an NGO I’m involved with that supports their brilliant work to store water in seasonal river-beds). Locally I have joined a new group of residents taking action on dirty air and dangerous driving, because the council and police just won’t. The trees I got for my street are (late March) coming into blossom.

Greens are rising around here – if you are longing for bold action for a greener Greenwich, give us your vote on 5 May. Help get the first ever Green voices onto the council.

Middle Park and Horn Park | Pierre Davies

I’m just some guy, I don’t want to be here doing this – but my anger about the lack of green progress, climate mitigation, or whatever you want to call it, compels me to be. Aren’t you angry, too?

Plumstead Common | Anji Petersen

I’ve lived around Plumstead Common for over forty years and love this green patch of Greenwich borough. I have many years of experience working on local community projects, having been involved with PCEG (Plumstead Common Environment Group now called Friends of Plumstead Common) from 1991 to 2005. Whilst a member of PCEG I co-ordinated a graffiti removal group, removing tags from walls and street furniture around Plumstead. As vice-chair of the group from 2002-2004, I chaired meetings and liaised with the council on local issues.

In 2002 I joined with locals to campaign against the sell-off of Severndroog Castle in Shooter’s Hill woodland. We formed a Building Preservation Trust and charity. As board director, I worked hard to promote and fundraise to get the Grade II-listed woodland tower restored for public use. It is now a great place for all to enjoy in Castle wood.

I am passionate about Plumstead being a great place to live, work and visit. I, like many local residents, want to feel safe walking, running and cycling around the open spaces. I share residents’ concerns about crime, litter, HMO dwellings and speeding cars on residential streets. If you want to see positive changes in Plumstead Common ward, please vote for me and my fellow Green party candidates.

Plumstead Common | Leonie Barron

I have lived in Plumstead Common for nearly 18 years, and regard it as the ‘best of both worlds’, with the advantages of urban living in an area rich in woodland, wildlife and open spaces.  I have previously stood as a Green Party candidate in Glyndon ward.

I care passionately about creating cities and suburbs that work for all residents while doing minimal environmental damage, and would promote the concept of the ’15-minute city’ within local authorities (where all necessary services are within a 15-minute walk or cycle of every household), thus creating strong community bonds and reducing the number of journeys made, particularly in private vehicles.  By making infrastructure and planning decisions that promote local communities and a sense of belonging, we can support residents and local businesses to make less environmentally damaging decisions; in addition, this helps people gain pride in their own communities, leading to a reduction in littering and low-level anti-social behaviour that, although seemingly minor, can have a major effect on people’s lives and behaviour.

I spent seven years as a governor at my children’s primary school promoting, among other things, more outdoor and environmental education; I firmly believe that schools are the front line when it comes to changing society and building a better future.  As the mother of a son with special needs who has spent several years out of education, I have become very aware of shortcomings in the education system, and an advocate for suitable educational provision for all children locally.

With the triple environmental crises of climate heating, biodiversity loss and pollution not merely looming, but actually with us, it is imperative that strong Green voices are heard at every level of government: even in opposition, we can remind councils and governments that no problem is solved if the ‘solution’ degrades our environment.

Plumstead and Glyndon | Ben Oram

I came to London in 2007 and have lived in Plumstead for 4 years. I live near busy roads and would like to reduce the traffic near the two schools nearby.

I am an architect, working in London to improve the environmental impact of the buildings I design. I am a keen cyclist and commute through the Borough every day and seen the accidents, pollution, and unsafe streets which has lead me to focus on improving healthy transport in Plumstead.

I am standing for the Green Party to improve the quality of life for residents in Plumstead and Glyndon. I want to see:

  • Improved parking to reduce the focus on cars in the borough
  • Improved public transport and links to travel across the borough
  • Tackling pollution near schools and residential areas
  • Improving quality of life for all residents across the borough
  • Investing in affordable housing, and
  • Taking care of our natural spaces, waterways and parks

Plumstead and Glyndon | Duncan Platt

I have lived in Plumstead for the last two years in the process of renovating a house with my wife. We have pushed for greener technologies in the build and spent extensively on insulation, rainwater harvesting and are in the process of installing a heat pump. I work locally as a secondary school teacher having changed careers at the start of Covid.

I am an active supporter of carbon reduction processes and support any measures to reduce car use in the Borough. I have been a cycle commuter for the past twenty years and support measures to remove the barriers to mainstream cycling. Personally I would like more segregated cycle lanes and a massive increase in car free zones around schools. There is a need for a rapid expansion of the cycle hangar scheme in the area.

We are blessed to have many parks and open spaces in the area and I would actively campaign to maintain these and protect the biodiversity of the area.

I am a strong supporter of the local economy and have been inspired by Anne Hidalgo’s “15 minute city” concept.

Air pollution is a massive issue in London currently. I have campaigned against the “Silvertown tunnel” and feel much more is needed to deter non-essential car journeys.

I support any investment in affordable quality housing and any improvements to public transport so that it can meet the needs of the majority of residents.

Shooters Hill | Tamasin Keeper

Hello everyone, I’m Tamasin. I have lived in Shooters Hill for over 12 years. I worked in theatre and events until the pandemic, during which my two primary school children have had to endure my attempts at home schooling. As a school governor (with a little teaching experience) I am passionate about education for all ages and a fair start including housing, food and internet access.

Over the last 3 years I have worked with the Friends of Eaglesfield to secure £100k for new playground equipment, due to be installed this summer and with Greenwich Council and Friends of Shrewsbury Park to set up and plant Plum Lane Community Orchard.

During the lockdown I also helped set up Better Streets Greenwich to involve more people in making our streets, safer, greener and better places to be and Greenwich Climate Network, monitoring moves towards a carbon neutral borough by 2030.

I’m currently working as a part-time administrator for a local charity and setting up Greenwich Sustainability Hub to help everyone in the borough find simple ways to save the planet, save resources and save money.

I believe a green recovery is vital to give everyone a sustainable future, a fair share of resources and a chance to enjoy the amazing diversity and biodiversity across Greenwich.

Woolwich Arsenal | Lindsay Evernden

I came to London in the 80s and have lived in Greenwich for over 30 years, teaching music and developing the music education offer to all children within the borough. I am currently running a small music business and am a carer for two adult members of my family.

I am standing for the Green Party as I believe that this party will provide both a progressive vision and a clear local commitment to

  • Improve public transport and links to travel across the borough
  • Cut down the need for car use
  • Tackle pollution
  • Improve the air quality and clean up the streets
  • Improve quality of life for all residents across the borough
  • Invest in affordable housing, and
  • Take care of our beautiful open spaces with awareness and knowledge of the climate challenges that we all face

Vote Green and let’s make Greenwich an even better place to live and work!


Belvedere | Sarah Barry

I am a biology teacher and I have lived in Belvedere for more than 20 years, having raised my son and cared for several foster children here.

I have always been active in the community, supporting youth organisations, sporting events, local environmental projects, refugees and emergency shelters.

I have a particular concern for the provision of affordable and sustainable housing and I have campaigned to protect Erith Marsh and to improve recycling in Bexley.

Click here for Green Party Manifesto for London

Election History

UK Parliament – national elections

Greenwich and Woolwich

2019 | Victoria Rance, 4.4%

2017 | Dan Garrun, 3.0%

2015 | Abbey Akinoshun, 6.4%

2010 | Andy Hewett, 2.6%

2005 | David Sharman, 4.4%

Erith and Thamesmead

2019 | Claudine Letsae, 2.1%

2017 | Claudine Letsae, 1.1%

2015 | Ann Garrett, 2.2%

2010 | Marek Powley, 0.8%

2005 | No candidate


2019 | Matt Stratford, 3.0%

2017 | No candidate

2015 | No candidate

2010 | James Parker, 3.0%

2005 | Arthur Hayles, 1.0%

Bexleyheath and Crayford

2019 | Tony Ball, 3.0%

2017 | Ivor Lobo, 1.3%

2015 | Stella Gardiner, 2.2%

2010 | Adrian Ross, 0.9%

Old Bexley and Sidcup

2021 | Jonathan Rooks 3.8%

2019 | Matt Browne, 3.2%

2017 | Derek Moran, 1.7%

2015 | Derek Moran, 2.9%

2010 | Jonathan Rooks, 0.8%

London Assembly – London elections

Greenwich and Lewisham

2021 | Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah, 17.8%

2016 | Imogen Solly, 12.4%

2012 | Roger Sedgeley, 9.4%

2008 | Sue Luxton, 10.6%

2004 | Sue Luxton, 10.4%

2000 | Terry Liddle, 12.5%

Bexley and Bromley

2021 | Mary Ion, 11.6%

2016 | Roisin Robertson, 6.7%

2012 | Jonathan Rooks, 5.7%

2008 | Ann Garrett, 4.6%

2004 | Ann Garrett, 5.1%

2000 | Ian Jardin, 8.1%

Council wards – local elections

Abbey Wood

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Abbey Wood ward who received 227 votes. The overall share of the vote was 2.4%

Blackheath Westcombe

In 2018, we stood 3 candidates in Blackheath Westcombe ward who received 641, 627, and 429 votes respectively. The overall share of the vote was 12.4%.


In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Charlton ward who received 834 votes. The overall share of the vote was 7.4%.

Coldharbour & New Eltham

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Coldharbour & New Eltham ward who received 254 votes. The overall share of the vote was 2.3%.

Eltham North

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Eltham North ward who received 406 votes. The overall share of the vote was 2.9%.

Eltham South

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Eltham South ward who received 354 votes. The overall share of the vote was 3.7%.

Eltham West

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Eltham West ward who received 324 votes. The overall share of the vote was 4.1%.


In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Glyndon ward who received 406 votes. The overall share of the vote was 3.9%.

Greenwich West

In 2018, we stood 3 candidates in Greenwich West ward who received 608, 582, and 491 votes respectively. The overall share of the vote was 11.5%.

Kidbrooke with Hornfair

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Kidbrooke with Hornfair ward who received 462 votes. The overall share of the vote was 4.8%.

Middle Park & Sutcliffe

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Middle Park & Sutcliffe ward who received 327 votes. The overall share of the vote was 3.2%.


In 2018, we stood 3 candidates in Peninsula ward who received 1708, 1587, and 1539 votes respectively. The overall share of the vote was 32.0%.


In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Plumstead ward who received 320 votes. The overall share of the vote was 3.3%.

Shooters Hill

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Shooters Hill ward who received 491 votes. The overall share of the vote was 4.3%.

Thamesmead Moorings

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Thamesmead Moorings ward who received 282 votes. The overall share of the vote was 3.3%.

Woolwich Common

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Woolwich Common ward who received 490 votes. The overall share of the vote was 4.8%.

Woolwich Riverside

In 2018, we stood 3 candidates in Woolwich Riverside ward who received 431, 337, and 341 votes respectively. The overall share of the vote was 9.2%.


We did not stand a candidate in Barnehurst ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.


We did not stand a candidate in Belvedere ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.


We did not stand a candidate in Bexleyheath ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.

Blackfen & Lamorbey

We did not stand a candidate in Blackfen & Lamorbey ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.

Blendon & Penhill

We did not stand a candidate in Blendon & Penhill ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.


We did not stand a candidate in Crayford ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.

Crook Log

We did not stand a candidate in Crook Log ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.

East Wickham

We did not stand a candidate in East Wickham ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.


We did not stand a candidate in Erith ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.

Falconwood & Welling

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Falconwood & Welling ward who received 420 votes. The overall share of the vote was 3%.


We did not stand a candidate in Longlands ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.

Northumberland Heath

We did not stand a candidate in Northumberland Heath ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.


In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Sidcup ward who received 450 votes. The overall share of the vote was 4%.

Slade Green & Northend

In 2018, we stood 1 candidate in Slade Green & Northend ward who received 289 votes. The overall share of the vote was 7%.

St Mary’s & St James

We did not stand a candidate in St Mary’s & St James Heath ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.

Thamesmead East

We did not stand a candidate in Thamesmead East ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.

West Heath

We did not stand a candidate in West Heath ward in 2018. Would you like to stand for us next time? Let us know.

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