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GBGP Newsletter #61: LTN made permanent in south London

Women’s safety in Greenwich

Greenwich Council is inviting feedback on proposed changes to the Greenwich to Woolwich cycling/walking route. You can complete the council’s survey here.

GBGP member Stacy Smith says: “Greenwich council is asking women about how it can make the borough safer.

“One key area I am aware of is the Thames path just west of Morden Wharf, where the path is very narrow, there are no flats overlooking it and no alternative ways to leave the space should someone come along. In the day it can feel a bit lonely and at night unsafe, which could affect both evening walkers and women coming back from the new brewery at Morden Wharf.

“Widening the path and adding lights would improve the safety of this key walk along our lovely Thames. Maybe it’s not too late to get this in place?”

South London borough to make low traffic neighbourhood permanent

Lewisham Council has announced plans to make the Lee Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) a permanent fixture.

Streets between Hither Green station and the Greenwich borough border were first blocked to traffic in July 2020. In a tweet on Tuesday 4 January, the council said restrictions will be kept in place.

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