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GBGP Newsletter #60: Start the New Year volunteering

Would you like to deliver Green Party leaflets?

As 2022 begins we are embarking on a new round of leafleting in the East Greenwich area. And we need more volunteers, so if you’re interested in delivering Green Party leaflets, please email (if you’re not already on our list of volunteers).

East Greenwich is our target ward for the May 2022 local elections and is also one of the London Green Party’s Regional Priority Wards. With more boots on the ground to deliver leaflets we have a really good chance of success, when combined with our other action days such as door knocking.

Greenwich Council’s section 106 payments analysed

Local news site The Murky Depths has been looking at Greenwich Council’s use of its annual payments from property developers.

A section 106 agreement is an agreement between a developer and a local planning authority about measures that the developer must take to reduce their impact on the community.

The Murky Depths’ article is well worth a read here.

Support Mums for Lungs by emailing the government

Air pollution in the UK is stunting the lung growth of children, making them susceptible to chronic illnesses.

The solutions are there, ready and waiting. They include investing in public transport, implementing clean air zones, funding more School Streets, reducing wood burning, insulating homes and replacing gas boilers.

You can ask the Government to make 2022 count for clean air, by following this link.