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GBGP Newsletter #20: Share your views on greening efforts by the council

Complete the Greener Greenwich surveys

Greenwich Council has a series of proposed environmental and traffic-related schemes that they are inviting residents to share their thoughts on. They cover subjects such as Westcombe Park and Maze Hill low traffic neighbourhoods and a cycle route from Greenwich Park to Eltham.

They all require feedback this month, so get in there soon with your response. You can view them all here.

Would you like to be a counting agent on election night?

We are looking for volunteers to be counting agents on the night of the council elections, Thursday 6 May.

If you are a methodical person with good attention to detail, you’d be a perfect fit for the job!

Your main task will be to stand over a ballot box, mark on a piece of paper the polling station number and tally up the votes awarded to each party. Councils don’t publish voting data per polling station so we try to collect the data by observing the counters as they count it.

It’s usually a fun night, so if you’d like to get involved email