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GBGP Newsletter #21: Green Party by-election candidates announced

Greenwich and Bexley Green Party candidates announced for 6th May Council Elections

As well as the London Mayoral election on Thursday 6 May, there will be council elections held across the country. Many of these are elections that were postponed in May 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

GBGP candidates for the council elections are:

Glyndon – Leonie Barron
Greenwich West – Matt Browne
Kidbrooke with Hornfair – Carol O’Toole
Shooters Hill – Tamasin Rhymes

If you would like to volunteer to deliver leaflets or be part of an action day knocking on doors and speaking to residents (when Covid-related restrictions are relaxed), please email or sign up for our action day on Satursday April 3 here.

New study disputes claims that low traffic neighbourhoods benefit more privileged areas

A recent study has found that low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs), which aim to reduce motor traffic on residential streets, do not disproportionately benefit more privileged communities

The research, led by Rachel Aldred, a professor of transport at Westminster University in London examined about 400 LTN filters created in London last year.

According to The Guardian’s article on the study: “It seemingly demolishes the main argument by opponents of such schemes: that they tend to shunt vehicles from richer residential areas on to roads lived in by more deprived people.”

Read more here.

A correction…

Last week we asked for volunteer polling agents for the 6th May council elections, when what we should have said was counting agents.

Your main task will be to stand over a ballot box, mark on a piece of paper the polling station number and tally up the votes awarded to each party. Councils don’t publish voting data by polling district, which is what we’re looking for.

Apologies for the mistake and thank you to the eagle-eyed reader who pointed it out.