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Response to the Draft Greenwich Carbon Neutral Plan released

Greenwich and Bexley Green Party announces the release of its response to the draft Greenwich Carbon Neutral Plan.

The full response has been submitted to the relevant council leaders and to today and is available for public download.

Regrettably, our analysis concludes that the draft plan falls very short of the maximum ambition scenario described in the evidence base document prepared for the council in 2019.

We remind the council that on the basis of objective and rational scientific evidence, Grenwich council has declared that there is a climate emergency.

In concrete terms, this rapid change in the habitable climate of human beings is a matter of life and death for many in the world. The brunt of responsibility for mitigation must be borne by high-emitting, wealthy nations. And the local impacts are barely less significant and will entail loss and harm that is personally catastrophic to Greenwich residents and communities.

Avoiding the disastrous outcomes that science predicts requires colossal action in a frighteningly short time. Asking people to fight a nearly invisible enemy that is sneaking up on it with great speed is the most formidable political challenge in history – and it must be aggressively championed in every action at every level of government from the very top to the very bottom.

This draft plan must be thoroughly improved in terms of action and urgency to bring about the changes to which the council is formally committed.

Greenwich and Bexley Green Party remain ready and willing to put our expertise and community connections at the disposal of the council in service of bringing about radical action.

For questions or press enquiries, please email

Matt Stratford
Chair, Greenwich Green Party