Although we receive a small amount of funding from Green Party central office, most of our day-to-day expenditures – including fees for standing in elections – come from local fundraising. A regular contribution each month makes a huge difference to us. If you are able, please set up a regular contribution. All donations, however small, are gratefully received.

Unsure about donating?

We know, every organisation is asking for money these days. But running a local party costs real money. We try to be as smart as we can in representing our voice and growing its impact, but funds are needed simply to take any action at all.

  • £10 buys us stickers and posters to hand out at events to supporters who help amplify our message
  • £20 is the cost of a year’s subscription to the Association of Green Councillors from whom we learn how to win in local elections
  • £50 gets us an independently run nomination and election process for candidates from OpaVote
  • £100 pays for around seventy-five clicks from targeted Facebook users during election time
  • £200 purchases 5000 newsletters that we distribute to voters in our target wards to help swing the vote our way
  • £1000 covers our part of the election fees for the two London Assembly constituency seats we share together with Lewisham Green Party and Bromley Green Party
  • £2500 enables us to stand candidates in all five constituencies covered by our party in a general election

All donations small and large help us to meet these costs.

Please consider donating £2 or more each month in addition to your national Green Party membership fee.

Other ways to donate

Standing order

You can set up a regular standing order or make a one-off transfer to our Santander bank account: Greenwich and Bexley Green Party
Santander Bank
Account 55827801
Sort code 09 01 55


We also have a PayPal account. Please email for details of how to donate using PayPal.

Volunteer your time

Regardless of financial contribution, we always need and welcome members taking concrete voluntary action on the ground.

Whether it’s your first time taking action or you’re a grizzled veteran, you can help by:

  • Delivering newsletters and speaking to residents (walk in pairs, it’s more fun!)
  • Joining local and national environmental protests and events
  • Attending local and London Green Party meetings to help develop policy
  • Holding councillors to account by asking questions at council meetings
  • Using Twitter and Facebook to amplify our message
  • Making connections with other local, social and political groups to develop our influence

If you’d like to help out, please do get in touch with our co-ordinator by email Typically activities are arranged at our regular monthly meeting.

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