Greenwich and Bexley Greens oppose increase plans to increase income requirements to bring foreign-born spouses to the UK

Karin Tearle, the Green Party’s candidate for Greenwich and Lewisham in the 2024 Greater London Assembly election, is speaking out against the UK Government’s plans to change immigration laws. These changes could lead to local families being broken up because of significantly increased income requirements for foreign-born spouses or partners to be able to live with their spouse or partner in the UK.

The proposed alteration, nicknamed “the tax on love,” is set to come into effect in spring 2024. It will more than double the minimum income needed for UK residents to sponsor foreign spouses, increasing it from £18,600 to initially £29,000 per year.

Expressing her concerns, Karin Tearle said, “It’s shocking that this Conservative government plans to raise the salary threshold by so much. The Green Party strongly opposes this policy, as we believe it undermines the basic right of individuals to live with their loved ones.”

“Foreign-born UK residents already face restrictions,” she continued. “They are unable to claim benefits and have to pay an NHS surcharge payment every year. The government’s approach is creating a hostile environment for all foreigners, harming our global reputation and causing pain in our community.”

The Green Party believes in a society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their country of origin or financial status. We stand firmly against the proposed changes to the income threshold for foreign-born spouses or partners. 

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