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Greenwich Green Party celebrates victory of Cllr. Lorna Jane Russell in Camden by-election

The Green Party has clinched a remarkable victory in the Highgate ward by-election in Camden, securing our continuing representation in the north London borough council. 

Portrait of Sian Berry and Lorna Jane Russell carrying Green Party paraphernalia
Re-elected: Lorna Jane Russell (right) stands with former Green Party co-leader and Brighton Pavilion candidate Siân Berry

Lorna Jane Russell’s resounding win — with twice the votes of her nearest rival — represents a steadfast defence of the seat previously held by Sian Berry AM, who resigned after many years of service as councillor to fight next year’s general election in Brighton Pavilion. Highgate has kept Green representation in its ward since Maya de Souza first made a breakthrough in 2006.

This victory is a testament to the unwavering efforts of grassroots supporters to keep a distinctive Green voice on Camden council. With two Labour councillors and our own Cllr. Russell sharing the responsibility for the ward, voters have agreed that having Green Party representation in the governance of the community is a positive — and rejected single party dominance.

Cllr. Russell’s journey from once being a Labour councillor and deputy mayor to her current role as Green Party councillor carries an echo of our local representative’s political journey. 

Karin Tearle, Greenwich and Lewisham Green Party Candidate for the Greater London Assembly (GLA) election next year, said

“I’m absolutely delighted Lorna won in Highgate. The fact she was a Labour councillor really resonates with me because I also was once a long-time Labour supporter and voter, but like Lorna I also got increasingly frustrated with the fact that majority Labour councils just don’t listen to local concerns.”

Like Cllr. Russell, Greenwich Green Party calls for greater emphasis on consulting residents within council decision-making, and providing effective opposition to single party dominance. 

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