GBGP #71 Newsletter: Green issues in the news

Time Out publishes ‘6 Things You Should Know About The Controversial Silvertown Tunnel’

Weekly London magazine Time Out has published an article raising awareness of the Silvertown Tunnel project and the objections to it.

The article explains what the project is for those who may be unaware, how much it costs, why people are angry about it and what the mayor’s response has been so far.

Read the article on Time Out.

Housing developers are being encouraged to build on flood prone areas in London

An article by Bloomberg has found that a worrying amount of new housing is being planned or encouraged on flood prone areas of London.

This is happening all over London and especially in areas along the Thames. The article mentions Hackney Wick and our neighbouring borough of Newham as being among “dozens of ‘opportunity areas’ designated by Mayor Sadiq Khan for development to alleviate a housing shortage.

“Developers are being encouraged to build on flood-prone areas, with some projects approved despite dire warnings of risks from more extreme weather as London’s climate changes,” it says.

Read the article on Bloomberg.

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