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GBGP Newsletter #68: New delivery hub planned near A2

🏗 New industrial hub planned near A2/Silvertown Tunnel

A last-mile delivery van depot is being proposed by Bloom near the Silvertown Tunnel access site in Greenwich Peninsula. This would mean frequent vehicle arrivals and departures in the area and could further augment traffic levels in an area with already bad congestion problems.

Currently, large vehicles except buses are prohibited from driving between Blackwall Lane and Ordnance Crescent, but the proposal would overwrite this exemption.

Greens favour bicycle couriers as an alternative and greener method to fulfil last-mile deliveries. Adjusting the online delivery market to help nudge pickups to lockers rather than doorstep delivery would also be a step worth exploring.

Read more at From the Murky Depths.

💚 Greenwich Greens sign Mums for Lungs pledges

A cabinet member with responsibility for clean air. Diesel-free streets by 2030. Campaigning to phase out wood burning. Supporting school streets and radical reduction of “school run” traffic. How does this sound?

These are Mums for Lungs pledges – and we see them as common-sense actions needed to fight the climate emergency from our borough. Greenwich Green Party will fight for these policies if we are elected to Greenwich Council in the local elections in May.