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Local charities are struggling and need our support

The Green Party welcomes the support for charities, recently announced by the chancellor of the exchequer. But there seems to be no pot set aside for direct grants to smaller local charities. These charities provide valuable services for their communities, often filling the gap created by the absence of appropriate government-led support. A case study: […]

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Universal Basic Income would put a safety net in place for all in Greenwich and Bexley

The coronavirus lockdown is worsening an economic crisis that was already happening. And the economic consequences of lockdown are not being felt evenly by all. Anyone working on a zero hour contract has found out how brutally insecure zero hour contracts are. Anyone getting minimum wage is now at risk of being furloughed on 80% […]

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Greenwich Carbon Neutral Plan – An initial response

Greenwich and Bexley Green Party welcomes the council’s engagement with planning for carbon neutrality by 2030, integrating community engagement and a cross-party approach. Here we look at the inception of the plan and raise concerns about some shortcomings in the evidence base. Context leading up to the Carbon Neutral Plan In November 2018, Bristol Council passed […]

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