Cruise Terminal Binned – We Won!

A message from Dan Garrun (Greenwich Green Party Co-Ordinator, 2015-2018) on the news that the toxic cruise terminal proposed for Enderby Wharf has been scrapped.

It’s official the plans for a dirty, polluting cruise terminal at Enderby Wharf have been binned!

And only a few days after the horrendous application to build on the Greenwich ecology park was thrown out too.

We fought long hours on the Eco Park and savor that victory but our cruise terminal campaign was our longest, and hardest. I and many other wonderful people spoke out on the evening it was approved, we rallied everyone we could, we took the council to court and lost, but we were only getting started. We were proud to support the wonderful cross party residents group, No Toxic Cruise Port, that formed to keep fighting the plans.

We ran a year long council election campaign, pounding the streets for over a year focused on this as our central issue and we came within a whisker of winning our first seats. Again and again we told to be sensible, to accept that the Cruise Terminal had to hapen and that it could only be moderated, not stopped entirely.

But we have won this campaign and Greenwich can breathe easier for now.

So don’t let anyone ever tell you that a small group of volunteers, a small group of Greens, can’t get things done!

– Dan

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