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Thank you!

In the Council elections in May, Greenwich residents voted Green in unprecedented numbers!

Green candidates for the target ward of Peninsula (covering East Greenwich) Matt Browne, Dan Garrun and Jenny Murphy got 32% of the vote, up from the 19% achieved in the ward in 2014. Whilst this wasn’t quite enough to win, it has sent a hefty message to Greenwich Council.

East Greenwich residents have made it clear that they aren’t prepared to be taken for granted by the Labour Council any more – and that action is needed to protect Peninsula’s green spaces and heritage and to safeguard resident quality of life.

Residents were crystal clear that the new, air polluting Cruise Port planned for Enderby Wharf in East Greenwich is utterly unacceptable.

Since the election, Greenwich Labour have put a new leader in place, who in July publically called on the Enderby Wharf developers to make the proposals greener, or face real consequences. Matt, Dan and the Greenwich Green team will keep Labour’s feet to the fire on this issue!  We will continue also to do all we can to support the resident led, cross-party No Toxic Cruise Port campaign, that is doing so much to protect residents from this looming threat.

Across the whole Borough of Greenwich the Green Party stood more candidates than ever before, and secured some excellent results, including coming second in Charlton. You can see the full results here

These good results have helped drive wider change in Greenwich, including the removal of Council Leaders from the Greenwich Planning Board. This should mean that Board members have more freedom to make decisions, with less pressure to vote along Party lines. 

None of this progress would have been possible without your support. Thank you again to everyone who voted for us. It is hugely appreciated.

The election may be over, but the Greens haven’t stopped speaking up for our community!