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Greens Press For Cruise Terminal Planning Permission To Be Overturned

Green candidate for Peninsula ward Dan Garrun is campaigning to overturn planning permission for the Enderby Wharf Cruise Terminal.

In 2011, Labour councillors on Greenwich Council’s Planning Board unanimously approved a plan to turn Enderby Wharf into a huge terminal for cruise ships.

In 2015 they voted in favour of an even bigger terminal on the site, ignoring more than a hundred residents who demonstrated against it.

Those concerns haven’t gone away. Each cruise ship berthed at the proposed terminal will put out the same pollution as 688 idling lorries. This pollution will hit houses and flats across the Peninsula.

Air pollution is already at illegal levels across Peninsula ward and local primary schools are already to having take special measures to protect pupils. The terminal will make a bad situation much, much worse.

Speaking today, Dan said:

If I am elected in May, I will use my power as councillor to press for the terminal’s planning permission to be revoked – as will my fellow Green candidates Jenny Murphy and Matt Browne.

Revocation is an often-overlooked power, but one that has been used successfully by other councils to stop problem schemes when it becomes clear that they will hurt residents.

Three years on and the developer has put the terminal site up for sale, while Greenwich’s air quality has reached crisis levels. These changing circumstances provide one last chance to stop this monster, but we need strong voices on the council.

Labour are telling voters that the cruise terminal is a done deal, and that they should just accept the problems it will bring. We believe residents deserve better and are standing to stop it. A Green vote is a vote against the cruise terminal!