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Meet Dan Garrun

Dan Garrun
Dan Garrun

I’ve lived in South London for eight years and I am very proud of my wonderful community in Woolwich Dockyard where I’ve lived for three years.

Update: Dan has moved to Southend and is now helping the local Green Party to gain council seats there. We thank him for his contributions.

As the co-coordinator for the Greenwich Green Party I’ve contributed to many local projects, from working with schools and campaigning for clean air to protecting green spaces and standing up against cuts to the NHS. I campaigned hard against Brexit and I will continue to stand up for the rights of EU citizens, as well as for access to the single market and to keep the European laws that safeguard workers’ rights and our environment.

Protecting the environment and preventing climate change are issues that are very dear to me, but it’s the way that our environment affects people’s lives that matters to me the most. I don’t think we can even begin to build a healthy society without first making sure we have a healthy environment. If we’re to live long and happy lives and want our children to do the same, then we better start thinking long-term about the air we breathe and the land we need to feed and house us.

In my day job I’m the Managing Editor for a digital media company called GlobalData based in Blackfriars. I manage a team of journalists writing for websites and digital magazines about issues like transport, energy, defence, and healthcare. I grew up in Johannesburg South Africa and graduated with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies and BA Hons in Philosophy from Rhodes University in 2004.