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The EU Referendum Is The Green Decision Of A Lifetime

Greens are fighting for a better EU

Tackling climate change, protecting wildlife and cleaning up our environment needs international cooperation.

Endangered species, fragile ecosystems, oil spills and livestock diseases do not obey man-made boundaries, and neither do the winds, floods and storms that grow fiercer every year.

Fine, but why can’t countries co-operate on this outside the EU?

Governments come and go; policy is written and re-written according to the whims of those in power. We need to work together, across borders, to prevent governments and corporations from promising the kind of rapid economic expansion which can only be fuelled by the exploitation of dirty fuels and irreplaceable natural resources.

It will take all 28 countries operating under common laws to form a trade bloc big enough to ensure countries like India and China have enough economic incentive to produce and sell more high quality ethical and sustainable goods. We must set a standard that other nations can follow.

The EU has banned bee killing pesticides, water quality laws have cleaned up our beaches, reformed fishing quotas have seen Cod and Haddock stocks rebound, curbing sulphur and nitrogen dioxide emissions has improved air quality, energy hungry lightbulbs are banned and EU grants have allowed farmers to make the leap into multi-use farms and the free trade agreement has made small scale organic projects viable.

May 23rd is the ecological decision of a lifetime and while the EU is far from perfect, the future of our planet and our children’s planet, is far more certain under cross-border EU law.

Greenwich EU Events – What You Can Do

(Contact to get involved)

Stall at Woolwich Arsenal – Sunday 19th

10am to 2pm – meet on General Gordon Square any time between 10 and 2 to leaflet and get out the Green message.

Leafletting train stations – Wednesday 22nd

Sign up to leaflet your local train station on the morning of the 22nd

The Greens are taking the morning shift to share the load with Greenwich Stronger In but if you can only do evenings no problem you’re likely to have good company!

Polling day – 23rd

We are teaming up with the Greenwich Stronger In team on polling day to spread ourselves as widely and as effectively as possible. This will largely be leafletting and speaking to people in public places rather than at the actual poll stations.

Join the Facebook page for more info and to sign up.

Posters and leaflet distribution in your own time

We have fabulous GreenerIn posters available – please do stick one up! We also have leaflets if you prefer slipping a few in postboxes down your street or handing them out in your own time.

Use the hashtag #GreenerIN and follow @greensforeurope and @Another_Europe as well as this link on Facebook.

Any time you can give will make a huge difference!