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Join the only political party in Greenwich and Bexley that demands liveable neighbourhoods, sustainable housing, zero emission transportation and participatory local democracy.

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Green Party makes record gains in European elections

30th May 2019

Green London MEP elected! Following European elections in late May, the Green Party gained over 2 million votes and increased its representation in the European Parliament to 7 MEPs – an increase of 4. This means that the Green Party now has European elected representatives for almost all parts of England except the North East. […]

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Local schools voice opposition to new Silvertown Tunnel construction

17th May 2019

Greenwich and Bexley Green Party has signed an open letter to the Mayor of London and the Deputy Mayor of London for Transport calling for plans to build a new road tunnel between Newham and Greenwich to be scrapped. The Stop the Silvertown Tunnel coalition is calling for Sadiq Khan to show he means what […]

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Greenwich Council declares climate emergency

27th April 2019

This week has seen another environmental victory as Greenwich Council has decided to declare a climate emergency. Our co-ordinator, Caolán Byrne, requested that a climate emergency be declared at the February 2019 council meeting and this was met at the time with a blank refusal as the Labour administration argued that the existing strategy was […]

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Our policies

Sustainable housing

We believe that affordable, secure and comfortable accommodation is a basic human right. We will try to effect a gradual and managed decline in house prices to affordability and shall support investment subsidy to improve the energy efficiency of existing housing stock.

Liveable neighbourhoods

Drivers understandably choose cars when their neighbourhoods are optimised for car use. We advocate transformation of public spaces to make walking and cycling the easiest way to get around, while supporting fully electric vehicles in cases where this is not possible.

Participatory democracy

Too many decisions are taken centrally by the council without input from people in their communities. We believe that much greater investment in active and open dialogue between government and its citizens is the only way to restore trust in politics as the way to  improve lives for everyone.

Radical emissions reduction

The scientific consensus is overwhelming that  greenhouse gas emissions are causing catastrophic climate change and destroying natural biodiversity. The Green Party initiated the Green New Deal ten years ago and we stand ready to radically decarbonise our local economy.

Lifelong learning

We believe that the role of education for children and adults alike is to instil a love of learning that will remain throughout a person's lifetime in a rapidly changing world. We will therefore strive to end rigid age-related benchmarking in schools and to offer better learning opportunities to adults.

Strength in diversity

Everyone is different and we are all the same. We believe that communities thrive when the people within them embrace active positive acceptance of diversity, whether it arises from differences in age, gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or educational background.

Time left to get to net zero emissions BY 2025
for the best chance of keeping within 1.5ºC OF PRE-INDUSTRIAL WARMING


"Revolutions are not instigated by the advocacy of incremental reforms to the status quo, no matter how welcome those reforms might be in the interim. Calling for a revolution might strike some as over-ambitious or unachievable. But, the same could easily have been said in the 1960s had someone published the plan for a few major companies, governments and financial institutions of a few rich nations to saddle the majority of the world with unpayable debts, commandeer the running of their economies and force them into dependence on markets over which they have no control."


Caroline Lucas MP
Green Party of England and Wales

Caroline Lucas