Privacy Policy

The Green Party of England and Wales is composed of hundreds of individual local parties, nine regional parties and Wales Green Party.

Greenwich and Bexley Green Party ('the local party') is one of the individual local parties constituent to London Green Party ('the regional party') and the Green Party of England and Wales ('the national party').

The local party is governed by the national party privacy policy which is available at

The local party engages in activities which require data collection:

  • Sending and responding to member and supporter communications
  • Petitioning
  • Conducting surveys
  • Accepting nline donations
  • Posting and engaging with social media
  • Canvassing
  • Examining website visit analytical data
  • Engaging in electoral processes

These activities are legally justified on the basis of:

  • Public task (that is, in the public interest of promoting democracy),
  • Legitimate interest (that is, where the use of data can be reasonably expected and has no privacy implications, such as in the example of processing your personal data to conduct a financial transaction where we are required by law to keep records)

The local party has documented processes in place for securing stored data, enforcing data access control and restricting the use of data to authorised purposes only.

You have certain rights under law to request changes to our use of your data. These are described fully at the Information Commissioners' Office website at