The area around Shooters Hill parade of shops is neglected and underinvested

The area behind is unpaved and attracts antisocial behaviour. Fly-tipped rubbish builds up continually.

On the street side the paving is in a terrible state and dangerous to pedestrians. The council has completely neglected the area for decades.

Kidbrooke deserves better!

Carol O'Toole standing on cracked pavement at Shooters Hill shoppers parade

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Greenwich Green Party Election Result 2015

1st May 2017

Last night we made Green history in Greenwich & Woolwich by keeping our deposit for the first time ever as well as beating the Lib Dems. Our candidate Abbey Akinoshun nearly trebled our vote from 2010, taking 6.4 percent of the vote with a swing of 3.8 percent.  That was a greater swing than to Labour (3 percent) and the Tories (2.1 percent) and testament to the hard work of Abbey and everyone who campaigned for him. We also trebled […]

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The EU Referendum Is The Green Decision Of A Lifetime

15th June 2016

Tackling climate change, protecting wildlife and cleaning up our environment needs international cooperation. Endangered species, fragile ecosystems, oil spills and livestock diseases do not obey man-made boundaries, and neither do the winds, floods and storms that grow fiercer every year. Fine, but why can’t countries co-operate on this outside the EU? Governments come and go; policy is written and re-written according to the whims of those in power. We need to work together, across borders, to prevent governments and corporations […]

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Radical Green Fares Measures Would Make “Massive Difference” To Greenwich and Lewisham Commuters.

4th January 2016

Proposals include abolition of zones and ‘ONE Ticket’ to end extra payments changing from mainline, DLR or bus to Tube. On the day transport fares go up throughout the country, activists from Greenwich and Lewisham Green Parties will today hand out #FairFares postcards to commuters at Overground, DLR and mainline stations across the two boroughs revealing their party’s radical plans to flatten fares across the capital and make transport fairer for all Londoners. The party’s three key measures, announced today […]

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Divestment in Greenwich – Green Electoral Gambit?

1st May 2015

Yesterday the Labour candidate in the forthcoming Greenwich West by-election announced he had brokered a meeting between Divest Greenwich, which is campaigning for the Labour-controlled Royal Borough of Greenwich to withdraw its investments in fossil fuels, and council leader Denise Hyland. Greenwich Green Party warmly welcomes any change of attitude on this issue. It follows Greenwich Council’s admission last month that it holds investments of around £17 million in companies associated with the exploration or extraction of fossil fuels. That […]

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Matt Pennycook Supports Pro-Fracking Labour Policy

24th April 2015

Labour candidate Matt Pennycook supports his party’s pro-fracking position, and thinks we can frack our way to a low-carbon future. Here’s why he’s wrong.  Matt Pennycook’s election pamphlet recently dropped onto our doormats.  He tells us that Labour will try and decarbonise our energy supply.  Great!  But wait a minute.  The last we heard, Labour were going to start a whole new fracking industry.  So which is it?  Because you can’t have both. Well, we got the answer to that in a […]

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It’s Time To Represent People, Not Property Developers

9th April 2015

Our part of London is being turned into a luxury high-rise quarter to benefit wealthy outsiders, but the local MP has spent years cheering the building frenzy on. That’s no surprise: Nick Raynsford was paid twice as much by the construction industry last year as he was to represent his constituents. Now that he is finally retiring, Labour want to move one of their local councillors into Raynsford’s House of Commons seat while they parachute another councillor from Huddersfield into the […]

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