The area around Shooters Hill parade of shops is neglected and underinvested

The area behind is unpaved and attracts antisocial behaviour. Fly-tipped rubbish builds up continually.

On the street side the paving is in a terrible state and dangerous to pedestrians. The council has completely neglected the area for decades.

Kidbrooke deserves better!

Carol O'Toole standing on cracked pavement at Shooters Hill shoppers parade

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We will not stand down from our opposition to Silvertown Tunnel

27th June 2020

The Green Party has members living across all parts of Greenwich and Bexley borough, indeed we have many members in every London constituency. Seldom has there been an issue to unite them as tightly as opposition to the construction of this new road tunnel between Silvertown in Newham and Greenwich Peninsula. Is there a climate emergency or is there not? It is really quite simple. No matter what sweet words are uttered to the contrary, a billion-pound investment in new […]

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Greenwich Green Party co-founder Dave Sharman dies aged 83

1st May 2020

We are sad to announce the death of Dave Sharman, co-founder of Greenwich Green Party, at the age of 83. He is remembered by Philip Connolly: Dave Sharman was a man who joined things: the Green Party, the Quakers, the Woodlands Farm Trust, The Millennium Sustainability Network, Agenda 21, South London Energy Project, Mycenae House’s management committee and the Dementia Reference Group. I’m sure there are more I don’t know about! To all he brought his quiet determination and his […]

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Local charities are struggling and need our support

30th April 2020

The Green Party welcomes the support for charities, recently announced by the chancellor of the exchequer. But there seems to be no pot set aside for direct grants to smaller local charities. These charities provide valuable services for their communities, often filling the gap created by the absence of appropriate government-led support. A case study: Greenwich Housing Rights During the last 10 years, the legal advice sector has had a sharp decrease in funding. This is because of austerity measures, […]

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Universal Basic Income would put a safety net in place for all in Greenwich and Bexley

17th April 2020

The coronavirus lockdown is worsening an economic crisis that was already happening. And the economic consequences of lockdown are not being felt evenly by all. Anyone working on a zero hour contract has found out how brutally insecure zero hour contracts are. Anyone getting minimum wage is now at risk of being furloughed on 80% of minimum wage. Many across Greenwich and Bexley are struggling to make ends meet. The unemployment rate has jumped rapidly. Bustling high streets across our […]

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Greenwich Carbon Neutral Plan – An initial response

4th April 2020

Greenwich and Bexley Green Party welcomes the council’s engagement with planning for carbon neutrality by 2030, integrating community engagement and a cross-party approach. Here we look at the inception of the plan and raise concerns about some shortcomings in the evidence base. Context leading up to the Carbon Neutral Plan In November 2018, Bristol Council passed a motion raised by Carla Denyer of the Green Party to declare a climate emergency. This was the first declaration in the United Kingdom and […]

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Covid-19 is a crisis for which a Green response is needed

17th March 2020

At this time when draconian and long-lasting public health measures have been introduced and the stock market is in free fall, there is no doubt that this is a time of crisis.  The Green Party has always worked with others in the community to try to advance the common good. Please involve yourself in whichever activities are most required in your local community. For instance, there is a Greenwich council site at which residents can volunteer themselves to run errands […]

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Leonie Barron to contest Glyndon ward by-election

13th March 2020

Owing to the resignation in disgrace by Councillor Tonia Ashikodi of the Labour Party relating to fraudulently claiming council housing, a by-election to elect a new councillor will be held on Thursday April 9th, 2020. Greenwich and Bexley Green Party announce that Leonie Barron will be contesting the seat for the Greens. Leonie has previously stood for the Green Party in Glyndon ward in 2018 where she obtained 11.1% of the vote. We hope to increase vote share at the […]

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GE2019: Victoria Rance calls for a Green New Deal

8th December 2019

Pictured: Victoria Rance with Green Party co-leader Siân Berry This is such a pivotal moment in politics. Ten years ago while other parties were bailing out the banks, we were building a bridge to the future. As the whole financial system collapsed, the Green Party’s very own Caroline Lucas was one of a small group of people who wrote a road map into something so much better. A Green New Deal. We had a chance then to make a radical […]

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GE2019: Why Victoria Rance is standing in Greenwich and Woolwich for the Green Party

7th December 2019

I am so proud of the Green Party manifesto which deals with the climate emergency we face head on. It is the most ambitious Green New Deal anywhere in the world. […]

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GE2019: Eltham candidate Matt Stratford on the Green Party response to the NHS crisis

6th December 2019

Hustings speech made at St. Mary’s Community Centre, Eltham on 26th November 2019 Firstly let me thank the Keep Our NHS Public group for inviting me to speak at the hustings. It is my pleasure to be able to talk for a few minutes specifically about the NHS. The government as a whole raises and spends £800bn per year, that’s everything you can think of from pensions to defence to roads to hospitals to schools to housing to energy subsidies. […]

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