road tunnel picture

Supporting the "No Silvertown Tunnel Coalition"

The empirical evidence amassed over many years is clear that each new road and increase in capacity only generates new vehicles and higher emissions. The Blackwall tunnel area is a traffic hotspot already (not helped by IKEA moving in) but the proposed Silvertown to Peninsula road tunnel would only make congestion and pollution worse by inviting new traffic onto roads.

We fully support the Greenwich residents in the area who are united in resisting the traffic jams and air pollution that this so-called development promises. Local homes and schools should not be made to suffer the adverse effects of HGVs ploughing through their neighbourhoods. We are lobbying Greenwich Council to follow the lead of Hackney, Newham and Lewisham Councils in opposing the construction of a new Silvertown Tunnel.


Pushed Greenwich Council to declare a climate emergency

Greenwich and Bexley Green Party teamed up with our local chapter of Extinction Rebellion to argue a climate emergency must be declared at the February 2019 meeting of Greenwich Council. After gathering over 1300 signatures from residents to petition the council and lobbying of our local politicians from our dedicated members, we are pleased to see that Greenwich Council has now come to understand how serious the issue of climate change is and announced it will now make the declaration.

We shall be keeping the pressure up. Only the Green Party has a comprehensive policy programme designed to advance the society and economy we need, rather than making incremental gains to the status quo. To the extent that we are not represented directly on the councils (yet!), we are ready to help the other parties to adopt these and enact them into practice. Bexley Council next!


Stopped a toxic cruise port from being constructed at Enderby Wharf

Greenwich and Bexley Green Party were proud to support the wonderful cross party residents' group, No Toxic Cruise Port, that formed to fight Labour plans for a dirty, polluting cruise terminal at Enderby Wharf. In November 2018, these plans were summarily scrapped, which is a testament to the impact that a small party can have when it partners with the community to deliver social and ecological justice.

With this as our central issue, we came within a hair's breadth of winning our first council seats in Peninsula ward with our best ever results in the area and 32% vote share. Again and again we told to be "sensible" and accept that the Cruise Terminal had to happen and that it could only be moderated, but together we stopped this unwelcome development from breaking ground.


Protected Greenwich Ecology Park from threatening tower block development

Greenwich and Bexley Green Party stood with Friends of the Park throughout the process of opposing a new 13-storey tower block that would have cast shadow over the park for much of the day, damaging the ecosystem permanently by reducing ground temperatures and sunlight. After hearing a comprehensive demonstration of how harmful that impact would be, the Planning Board listened and threw the plans out!

Thank you for the amazing effort from everyone who leafleted in North and East Greenwich, wrote to the council and stood alongside environmental campaigners at the Town Hall to help save this ecological jewel in our community.