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Greenwich Green Party To Stand Aside In Eltham For 2017 General Election

Members of the Greenwich Green Party have voted to stand aside their candidate in Eltham and will not contest the constituency in the General Election to be held on June 8th  2017.

The decision was not made as part of a so-called electoral alliance but to protect a marginal seat from falling into Conservative hands.

In our discussion with the local Labour Party, we were pleased to elicit a promise that they will push for a better electoral system based on proportional representation.  Clive Efford MP has also assured us of his intentions to stand up for the environment, protect the NHS and oppose a harmful Brexit.

We will hold Labour to it.

The decision was not an easy one and we urge our supporters in Eltham to rally around our candidates in Greenwich & Woolwich and Erith & Thamesmead. We look forward to campaigning as usual after the election and in the run up to the 2018 council elections.

Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Eltham, Ann Garret, said:

I am proud to have been selected on May 4th to stand for Eltham as the Green Party candidate, and then to stand aside on May 10th as part of a principled decision by Greenwich Green Party members.

The decision was made for the ‘greater good ‘of the country, which is facing severe public funding cuts as a result of a disgraceful seven years of Tory rule.

The Green Party is committed to increased public spending and investment in a ‘green’ economy to alleviate austerity measures, campaigning for proportional representation for a fairer voting system, ensuring that our borders remain open and environmental and human rights laws are maintained during Brexit negotiations.

I hope that the political parties that I have stood aside for, listen to and respect our message for creating a fairer and more just society where measures to prevent tax avoidance and evasion becomes more legally binding, and where sustainability is implemented in tackling national and world problems.

The Greens are internationalists and aim to influence and become more directly involved in shaping the future for the generations to come.